Many Gloucester Girls chose to stay and live their lives in this beautiful city in which we were born; while others chose to cross the bridge in search of the unknown.

For those who stayed,  lucky you!  You have been fortunate enough to live in one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in the world surrounded by family and friends who have always been there for you and  probably know more about you than you wish, but they love you anyway.

For those who left, coming home again…not to die, but rather to reconnect with lifelong friends, find a little peace and serenity, and live by the rugged coastline with all its natural beauty… are the common threads that brings us back.

This site might be a good place to reconnect, share our thoughts and feelings, and support each other through our trials and tribulations.  It’s also a good opportunity to plan get-togethers, get aways, or to help each other get going. 

What do you think?   Join us and let us know.  No rules, No dues, No meetings!